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 Terry's Texas Style Barbecue Sauce

Retractable Clothesline

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The retractable clothesline is something that has been improved upon. In the old days, people would string up rope between two trees. Then, there were two poles in the backyard, where rows of wire were attached in between. This way, you could hang up wet clothes with clothespins to dry in the fresh breeze.

How did we ever get away from using those money saving clotheslines? Well, probably they went out when all those new dryers came on the scene. Everyone started using power to run dryers to dry clothes instead of an outdoor clothesline. The retractable clotheslines came into being when people still wanted to hang up garments to dry, only inside instead of outside.

So now, the retractable clothes line can be used in a portable sort of way. They take up hardly any room, and can be installed in a bathroom or utility room. They will not hold a great deal of weight, but a retractable clothesline can sustain such items as socks, under garments, shirts, and other small items.


Many people are installing retractable clotheslines in a garage or outdoor area as well. They are more durable and will hold heavier weight items, such as slacks, blankets, and towels. The amazing thing about the retractable clothesline is that the idea of drying your clothes with air is free! It saves you a ton of money in electricity. No one ever stops to think how much power it takes to heat up your dryer and run it for 30 to 45 minutes.

The next time you turn on your dryer, thing about a retractable clothesline instead. Check into one online here or visit your local hardware store and start saving money today.





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Bill, Craig, and Bob owned & managed the company until January, 2016. We are managed by new owners soon to be announced.  Terry Meyer made the recipe and has been commited for these many years in making sure the recipe was perfect. Stay tuned for more about our new ownership as a result of our sale. Terry started making the sauce in her kitchen back in the late 70's. She took the advice of friends in the mid 90's, and has been selling the sauce ever since!

Terry's Texas Barbecue Sauce
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