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 Terry's Texas Style Barbecue Sauce

 About Us

Terry made the recipe and stays very involved maintaining the integrity of the sauce.

But it's Terry's brother Bill who owns & runs the company. With his team of partners, Bill coordinates activities with merchants, manages shows, and meets with business associates.

 Terry at one of the early shows from the 90's  

Terry started making the sauce in her kitchen back in the late 1970's. Terry took the advice of friends and family who told her to make the sauce to sell in stores. So by the mid 90's, she took their advice, and has been selling the sauce ever since!

TerrysBarbecueSauce.com was created in an effort to share information with our customers who want to order sauce, find shows, get recipes, and learn more information about related topics. We value the site as a resource for you as our visitors, and look for better ways to enhance your experience.

We know it's hard for customers to buy our sauce without trying it, so we hope you will use our Events page to learn where you can visit us in person! We sell the sauce locally in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, but will ship anywhere in the U.S. Right now, we can only ship by the case in order to hold our costs down. But, you won't regret getting 12 jars because once you taste it, you'll be a regular customer anyway!

Bill and his team of partners continue to expand and grow our presence in the marketplace. He is always looking for merchants who will actively retail Terry's Barbecue Sauce, or for vendors who just want to buy it wholesale and then resell on their own. We will even consider Private Label Offers.

To contact us, we prefer you send us email at since this method of communication is the most efficient for our business plan. Feel free to send questions or comments and we will reply.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to your business as another one of our many satisfied and loyal customers!

 Bill and Terry

Bill and Terry


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Bill and Craig

Previous owners Bill Whitson, Craig Baebel, and Bob Pollard


  Terrys BBQ Craft Show

A little bit about us....

Bill, Craig, and Bob owned & managed the company until January, 2016. We are managed by new owners soon to be announced.  Terry Meyer made the recipe and has been commited for these many years in making sure the recipe was perfect. Stay tuned for more about our new ownership as a result of our sale. Terry started making the sauce in her kitchen back in the late 70's. She took the advice of friends in the mid 90's, and has been selling the sauce ever since!

Terry's Texas Barbecue Sauce
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Bill and Craig at 2011 LD Bell Craft Show

Happy Customers at 2011 LD Bell Craft Show


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